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Bending Through the Process of Publishing a Children’s Book

Nine weeks had come and gone, several attempts at communication went unanswered, the story had begun developing a thin layer of dust and my optimism wavered. Then, finally, on Friday last I made contact with my editor. *Phew* – deep exhalation. I can finally breathe again. I had a good, short, conversation with the editor…

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Good day!Happy near end of summer! Hope you had some water fights this summer. It’s been almost 2 months since the last feedback I received from the editor. Since then, I did some reworks to the book and re-submitted my script to them, which was about 5 weeks ago. I’ve exchanged a couple emails with…


Hello! I’ve been doing stuff. What stuff you ask? Voila: I’ve been reading. A great read on writing – I guess I’d say it’s been inspiring. I’m not sure that the progress of the writing was 100% a result of this book, however, it has given me much to think about. I’m still reading it….