Photo of Corey

I’m a passionate creative who has many many outlets for a bubbling desire to tell stories. I have been working as a professional illustrator, designer, animator since 2005.

You can find my work in the following places:

  • Instagram in two locations. @thirdageart is dedicated to fan art, @coreylansdell is a bit more general
  • I’m a patreon creator – I share sketches, process videos, finished work and news there.
  • YouTube where I share process videos and my thoughts on creativity
  • If you’re on facebook you can find me at Corey Lansdell Creates
  • Twitter @coreylansdell

In 2009 I cofounded the boutique animation and illustration shop, Pulp Studios Inc., with business partner Kelly Mellings.

I am currently a freelance illustrator, animator and graphic designer working under the name Lansdell Creative. I specialize in illustration, murals, branding, animation and infographic design.

In the fall of 2023 I took on a roll as a sessional instructor teaching graphic design at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

I’ve been drawing since I was knee-high to my dad and spent 5 years in post-secondary learning the skills I needed to get me moving forward in my career. I hold a degree in Visual Communication Design and a Diploma in Fine Arts. I am currently working toward Grad school where I will study a Master’s of Arts in Digital Management.

I am the co-writer of Ghoster Heights. A middle grade graphic novel from Publisher Wonderbound.

Alongside my portfolio of creative work, this website houses information regarding the unique intersection of AI and creativity. I will be exploring the emerging tools, their benefits and drawbacks, as well as ruminating on aspects such as ethics, copyright and the future of art, ai and creativity.



In the creative process, nothing is as important to me as Story. A successful project is always preceded by a compelling “why”. Narrative drives meaning and meaning drives communication. 


Intelligent and effective design is essential to support any communication project. Design is the skeleton that supports the muscles, flesh and tendons of an effective communication project.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Even in our automated, computer generated era this adage remains true. 


Motion design and animation are primary tools in my creative tool kit. Solid, well planned, well executed animation can elevate a project to new levels. 


I have developed an unparalleled work ethic through the challenges of 20 years of entrepreneurial endeavours.


One of the pillars of a strong visual communicator is problem solving. It’s a necessity for those who hope to discover innovative, effective solutions to visual communication problems.


Yes, 20 years as an entrepreneur, but more than that, working in the public, private and entertainment spheres as a project manager, creative director, illustrator, animator, artist, writer, director etc. The breadth of my experience is rich. I pull on all these areas when I’m slotted into new and exciting projects to work in a confident, exceptional manner.