He’s so cute! Behold the mighty Troll. As you may know already, a few months back my hard drive was wiped clean during an attempted install of windows xp on my mac. In that tragedy was lost two concept paintings of a troll. Well here, back from the dead or re-illustrated I guess you could […]

Temporal Flux

Victory March

Hey everyone. No, I haven’t abandoned ship. I’ve just been rowing in a different direction for over a month. Unfortunately, I have nothing new to share with you regarding Our 1984. In light of that fact I thought I’d welcome you back on board with me by sharing with you what has caused this recent […]

Jon Foster and Technological Terror

Hello everyone. It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been diligently working away at a 3 minute animation piece for Alberta Education. I’m very busy with this and have been unable to do any work beyond a few small sketches and making some notes for concept work for Our 1984. I wanted to share my dismay […]

A Few Details On Panels

I’ve been reading Illustrating Children’s Books: Creating Pictures for Publication by Martin Salisbury (Course director for the first school in the UK to offer an MA in Children’s Book Illustration). Being new to the world of Children’s Book Illustrations is great! I’ve discovered many new illustrators and have enjoyed learning about the history of the […]

Composing Backgrounds

My, how time flies. It’s been 19 days since my most recent post. My apologies, life has been very busy, but that’s not why you are all here so I will spare you all the wonderful details. This post will take you through a very quick breakdown of some of the processes I’ve gone through […]

Getting Started

Welcome aboard! Here you will find a chronicle of my experiences while learning how to create and complete a children’s book by doing just that. This site will include posts describing my frustrations (hopefully many so I grow sufficiently) and my triumphs as I endeavour to create the story Our 1984 – Shelter. This story […]