Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel Giveaway – Downloadable Colouring Pages

We’re giving away 3 copies of Ghoster Heights.To enter, download these Ghoster Height Colouring pages and follow the instructions below the images. GHOSTER HEIGHTS-COLORING PG3 GHOSTER HEIGHTS-COLORING PG2 GHOSTER HEIGHTS-COLORING PG1 To be entered into the giveaway, follow the instructions on the post @coreylansdell on Instagram or twitter This contest will run until Friday Nov […]

Ghoster Heights, the graphic novel distributed by Simon & Schuster


It’s happening, the story I co-wrote, Ghoster Heights, the graphic novel distributed by Simon & Schuster is nearing launch! It’s truly amazing to think that you will be able to go and buy this story that my cowriter, Kelly Mellings, and I have poured ourselves into over the past couple of years. What a great […]

IS THE PATTERN UNRAVELLING? Review of Season 1 of the Wheel of Time

As you may know, most fantasy stories follow a universal structure known as the hero’s journey. The structure looks like the following: the hero begins their life in the normal world, unforeseen circumstances invite them to consider leaving this world, they refuse the call, circumstances then force them out, they go into a new world […]


On May 27, the publisher Wonderbound released their lineup of kids’ graphic novels for 2022. Guess what? One of the books is one that I wrote. It’s been a tremendous collaboration with my friend and business partner Kelly Mellings. We co-wrote the book and have collaborated with Lisa LaRose on the artwork. She is the […]

Wrong About Genre

So the other day I posted about the breakthrough I had in defining the genre of Possum Awesome and the Tome of Tomorrows. Well, turns out I was wrong. Big surprise! I’ve been learning so much lately as I continue to dig through the Story Grid content. I genuinely feel like I’m growing as a […]

Captain Marvel Portrait

Hey gang! I’ve completed my latest superhero portrait! It’s a timely rendition of Captain Marvel. I hope you like her. I’d like to say I’m going to go see the movie but I have a sneaking suspicion that time and budget will not allow it! Let me know what you think of her in the […]

Patreon for Possum Awesome and the Tome of Tomorrow’s

Hello all! It’s been an excessively long while since I touched this blog. Last week I opened the doors on a patreon page. It’s in support of a story I’m writing. I’d be so pleased if you checked it out. Also! I’ve been creating youtube content for over a year now. Please go check […]