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Galadriel – Fanart for The Rings of Power the New Lord of the Rings series coming from Prime Video in September, 2022

Galadriel - Morfydd Clark

Yesterday, in a hazy, covid induced fog, I completed this painting of Morfydd Clark as Galadriel. This fanart piece was created in the vein of the work that I have been doing in relation to the Wheel of Time TV series since 2019. Taking the actors cast in the show and depicting them as the…

IS THE PATTERN UNRAVELLING? Review of Season 1 of the Wheel of Time

As you may know, most fantasy stories follow a universal structure known as the hero’s journey. The structure looks like the following: the hero begins their life in the normal world, unforeseen circumstances invite them to consider leaving this world, they refuse the call, circumstances then force them out, they go into a new world…


· I'm a writer! My graphic novel is to be released in 2022. ·

On May 27, the publisher Wonderbound released their lineup of kids’ graphic novels for 2022. Guess what? One of the books is one that I wrote. It’s been a tremendous collaboration with my friend and business partner Kelly Mellings. We co-wrote the book and have collaborated with Lisa LaRose on the artwork. She is the…