Teaching Portrait Drawing to Youth

I have recently been teaching portrait drawing to young artists at the Leduc Arts Foundry in Leduc, Alberta.  I’m going to be helping out there for the Youth Drop in on Tuesdays now and then. I’m also looking at running some workshops there focused on portraiture. I love teaching. I have had the privilege of […]


Ryan Reynolds as Valan Luca

We’ve all had those seasons in life where you just can’t seem to stay on top of everything. I kind of hate that season. But I do it to myself. I tend to want to do everything and I also find that my nature to pursue excellence pushes me to get scattered at times. Often, […]

The Eye of the World Fanart

Preview of a painting of The Eye of the World featuring Josha Stradowski as Rand Al'Thor

“I deny you. You have no power over me, and I will not kneel to you, alive or dead.” Rand Al’Thor – The Eye of the World – Robert Jordan. Josha Stradowski is an excellent Rand. Both in appearance and execution. Aside from whatever objections I have about the writing of the TV show I […]

Improving the Artists Ability to See


As you may know, I have been on a journey to create 100 portraits. I am counting the piece I posted today, depicting Tom Holland, as #60/100. This process has stretched out far longer than I had hoped. My goal was to complete 100 portraits in 2021. I realized at about number 50 that that […]

How to buy my prints

Since I’ve recently closed my ETSY shop here is how to purchase a Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive or other fanart print by Corey Lansdell. If you’d like to order a print, you can click the link in my Linktree which allows you to pay via Paypal. You can ACCESS MY LINKTREE HERE or click […]

Process Video for Wheel of Time Fan Art Painting

Zoe Robins as Nynaeve al'Meara

Hey everybody, I’ve posted a new process video on my youtube channel which shares my process for creating Nynaeve al’Meara for the upcoming Wheel of Time Tv Series. I’ve really been enjoying creating fan art around the cast of the show.

8 Tips for Managing the Creative Journey in the Context of Life

On July 15, 1977, a small 6lb boy was born to a young couple who lived in the small town of Gibbons northeast of Edmonton. That boy is now 42! What in the what? How did I get here already. 42 and almost 19 years married (to the most amazing woman! I successfully married up.).  […]

100% Effort is Contextual

I always tell my kids that I don’t really care what their marks are looking like in school as long as they give 100% of their effort. I believe if they apply this mindset to life, they will ultimately succeed. We all have different levels of passive talent. However, if we learn to apply ourselves […]