Ryan Reynolds as Valan Luca

We’ve all had those seasons in life where you just can’t seem to stay on top of everything. I kind of hate that season. But I do it to myself. I tend to want to do everything and I also find that my nature to pursue excellence pushes me to get scattered at times. Often, […]

Improving the Artists Ability to See


As you may know, I have been on a journey to create 100 portraits. I am counting the piece I posted today, depicting Tom Holland, as #60/100. This process has stretched out far longer than I had hoped. My goal was to complete 100 portraits in 2021. I realized at about number 50 that that […]

Captain Marvel Portrait

Hey gang! I’ve completed my latest superhero portrait! It’s a timely rendition of Captain Marvel. I hope you like her. I’d like to say I’m going to go see the movie but I have a sneaking suspicion that time and budget will not allow it! Let me know what you think of her in the […]

DC Superhero Takeover

Hey everyone! Last year I decided to try my hand at creating some superhero fan art. I started with none other than the fastest man alive. The Flash. Moved onto the Green Arrow and just recently finished Supergirl. I personally think that the actors, Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist have been very well […]

Procreate on iPad Pro – Review

ipadpro and procreate

Hey gang! A few months back we were fortunate to be able to pick up a couple of Apple iPad Pros for Pulp Studios Inc. I’ve had the opportunity to play around with this new toy (AHEM! I mean productivity tool) and have been pushing myself to create paintings in Procreate. As you may know […]