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Amazing Things!

I recently made a post on my patreon page. I want to share it here too. Thank you to everyone who loves, supports and encourages me.


I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge a few amazing things.

1. My wife. An incredible and supportive source of wisdom, encouragement and stability.

2. My best friend and business partner at Pulp Studios Inc. I’m so fortunate, no blessed to work with someone so gifted, hard working and awesome.

3. My followers and fans. I genuinely feel like I have actual “fans” right now. That is a unique and rewarding thing I did not expect. Ever.

4. My Goofy kids. So proud of them.

5. Opportunities to create work both fun and deeply meaningful. I feel very blessed.

6. Clients who respect and deeply value your creative abilities.

And last but not least. All my amazing patrons who have stayed by my side through my creative journey.