Inktober 2018

This October I’m undertaking an epic project to participate in inktober. If you’re unfamiliar with inktober you should get acquainted! My goal for the month is to draw a 21″ x 70″ ink piece around a battle that I am writing towards in my novel, Possum Awesome and the Tome of Tomorrows. The novel is […]

Procreate on iPad Pro – Review

ipadpro and procreate

Hey gang! A few months back we were fortunate to be able to pick up a couple of Apple iPad Pros for Pulp Studios Inc. I’ve had the opportunity to play around with this new toy (AHEM! I mean productivity tool) and have been pushing myself to create paintings in Procreate. As you may know […]

Solo A Star Wars Portrait

Hey gang! In this video you can see my process of creating this portrait of Han Solo or Harrison Ford. I used photoshop to create this piece. I hope you like it!

Proportions the Reilly Method

Hey gang! Here is a video on using the Reilly Method to draw a portrait! Hope you learn something and that you keep rolling in your own artistic journey!

Applying Proportions

Hey gang! Here is a video I produced a while back about applying proportions to portraiture. Hope you learn a bit and feel excited to keep grinding!

YouTube Mysteries

YouTube Corey Lansdell

Hello gang! I had another person join my small following on youtube today. It’s fun to see my channel bloom at the pace of an Albertan spring. While I do hope to grow my audience, I am super pleased to bring content to the small audience I currently have. It’s always my goal to inspire, […]

Comparison – The Joy Thief

Green Eyes

It’s no great revelation that in comparing my work to other artists I will find joy a waning commodity. Why then do I find myself scrolling through Instagram feeds acquiring heaps of self-doubt with the same tenacity as a dog eating chocolate? In the jaws of comparison, I lose any hope of gleaning knowledge off […]

Social Media Sucks


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Failing Toward Success Podcast – Social Media Sucks

Bolivian Countryside

Two weeks doing humanitarian work in a 3rd world country can give a person perspective. This podcast deals with the snares of social media. Listen at your own risk. You may want to stop using social media while you listen to it. I encourage you to stop the audio midstream and shut it down! But […]