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Hello gang! I had another person join my small following on youtube today. It’s fun to see my channel bloom at the pace of an Albertan spring. While I do hope to grow my audience, I am super pleased to bring content to the small audience I currently have. It’s always my goal to inspire, motivate, challenge and educate my fellow artists.

I thought I’d share with you a few of the mysterious and fun things about my youtube channel.

The most mysterious thing to me is that one of my videos has hundreds more views than the next highest in viewing. I’m not sure how this works or why this one video took off like that but I’m happy that it did. The video is about illustrating portraits using the Reilly method. There are plenty of videos on youtube about this and other methods and perhaps this is why it spiked. It’s below.

This video is part of my Visual Library series where I share my work at growing my visual understanding. For a while now I’ve been specifically working on portraiture. My goal is to one day be capable of drawing the whole human figure extremely well. But this goal is a lifelong journey and for now I’ll whittle away at the human face.

One of my favourite videos I’ve produced is the capture of a drawing I did for a kindergarten teacher. She teaches the children of one of my friends who wanted to celebrate her through the compiling of a bunch of her students artwork. She asked me to do a drawing for the cover. What an honour. I wouldn’t say it’s the best piece I’ve ever created but I am pleased with the heart behind it. I also had the opportunity to express the value of art through my speaking on this video.

This video is part of my Failing Toward Success series where I pontificate on the finer points of being a creative. The heart behind this series was originally to share my journey of becoming a published children’s book writer and illustrator. It has become a place for me to write with heart about the creative life from the practical to the philosophical.

I’m excited about where the channel could go and also about a new series I’ve started called What I Know. I posted the first video from that series the other day. You can see it on my channel or see it here on the blog. This space will be more grafted with my opinion and cover everything from art to just living.

It’s a funny beast. The videos I really hope people will like are the ones that I feel I’ve done my best drawing in… maybe selfishly. Haha. Pieces like Pinion shown here.

I don’t truly know what to expect in terms of audience growth but I do know that if I slowly put content out there on a consistent basis. One day my channel might be a viable resource for other creatives, and that is what it’s all about.

I have a list of videos I need to produce right now. It’s been getting a bit longer as work has gotten busier. The key is consistency. Just keep swimming.


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