Characters – Design and Familiarity

Welcome back!

I’ve completed the character turnaround for the younger brother. As well as a comparison sheet so you can see the brothers side by side to scale. I’ll share those here as well as a character snap shot similar to the image of the older brother fleeing from the killer bee I posted earlier. I feel that I am becoming familiar with the process I’m implementing for the work. I am apprehensively pleased with that. The familiarity means the work flow is tighter and quicker I just need to be conscious as I work or in that familiarity the work may become stale. I need to be purposefully pushing myself in that familiarity of design and work flow to try and develop sound, interesting and lasting images. What a wonderful, wearying and enriching process this has proven to be, and I haven’t even broke ground on the finished content of the book yet.

Before I post the character designs here are a few images of my process. I begin with rough sketches and use my makeshift light table to create cleaner line drawings. I then ink those line drawings using brushes. The brushes are taking some getting used to and I think I may need to make another trip to the art store to expand my tool set. Right now I am using two brushes. One for line and the other for tonal washes.

NOTE: the images listed below are missing from the interwebs currently.
Not sure where they are in all my old folders files etc. 🙁

My makeshift light table. Two fluorescent compact bulbs on an extension cord in our coffee table.

On the light table.

Transferred to the BFK Reeves paper.

Finished ink line work. Prior to adding tones.

Here are the character turnarounds.



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