Hello! I’ve been doing stuff.
What stuff you ask?
  1. I’ve been reading.
     Bird by Bird on Amazon

    A great read on writing – I guess I’d say it’s been inspiring. I’m not sure that the progress of the writing was 100% a result of this book, however, it has given me much to think about. I’m still reading it.

  2. I’ve completed the 32 page script for the book. That came together over the course of 2 evenings sitting in a hot bath typing away on my little 3Gs, iPhone. I’ve had this book on my mind for sooooo long that this process seemed to flow quite freely. Good? Bad? time will tell.
  3. I’ve begun revisiting the style of the book. This came as a result of over a year of extra experience illustrating. In the past year I’ve coloured a full length comic book, created illustrations for an 11 minute motion graphic animation, built graphics and illustrations for 2 online games, had 2 illustrations featured in Applied Arts magazine. The bottom line is that in that bulk of work, I’ve grown. The book needs to reflect this.
  4. I’ve now completed 5 pages of roughs for the book. The current goal is to rough the entire book and iron out any wrinkles in the story through this process. Then the work of illustrating finished pages will begin.

The wheels are back on the wagon. I’m pushing while the fire is burning. Stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy these (not so strong photographs) sneak peaks at what I’ve been up to.

This is a rough sketch of some stylistic exploration and costuming for the protagonists.

Here is a sneak peak at the page roughs.



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