IS THE PATTERN UNRAVELLING? Review of Season 1 of the Wheel of Time

As you may know, most fantasy stories follow a universal structure known as the hero’s journey. The structure looks like the following: the hero begins their life in the normal world, unforeseen circumstances invite them to consider leaving this world, they refuse the call, circumstances then force them out, they go into a new world […]

The Eye of the World Fanart

Preview of a painting of The Eye of the World featuring Josha Stradowski as Rand Al'Thor

“I deny you. You have no power over me, and I will not kneel to you, alive or dead.” Rand Al’Thor – The Eye of the World – Robert Jordan. Josha Stradowski is an excellent Rand. Both in appearance and execution. Aside from whatever objections I have about the writing of the TV show I […]

Unraveling the Pattern Featured My Art in a video!

Lauren, from Unraveling the Pattern has featured my art (amongst art from other amazing artists) in his latest youtube video, What is the One Power?. A featurette about the Wheel of Time. Please go check it out and give it a like and subscribe to his channel if you haven’t he does really solid work! […]

Rand al’Thor the Car’a’carn

Rand al'Thor

This is a painting a finished a while back. It depicts Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor as the Car’a’carn. I created this is procreate.

I did an interview! Thank you Matt at the Dusty Wheel

This was soooo much fun and such a joy to be on the show. If you’re not familiar with it, The Dusty Wheel is a live youtube call in talk show where Matt and his guests talk about the Wheel of Time and the upcoming WotonPrime TV show. I was on the show talking about […]

Process Video for Wheel of Time Fan Art Painting

Zoe Robins as Nynaeve al'Meara

Hey everybody, I’ve posted a new process video on my youtube channel which shares my process for creating Nynaeve al’Meara for the upcoming Wheel of Time Tv Series. I’ve really been enjoying creating fan art around the cast of the show.