Bible Project Employee Portraits 

What a privilege and honour to create portraits of so many of the incredible folks at Bible Project! For this project I was fortunate to collaborate with the team under the direction of Rachel Beyer alongside Bible Project team members Ria Taylor and Alena Immamura. Rachel provided me with art direction that she and team member Robert Perez set from the conception of the project. 

It was a wonderful process incorporating pencil sketches completed as ink drawings, scanned into the computer and painted in photoshop. 

The end result according to Rachel Beyer are “floating portraits, grounded in realism, celebrating each individual’s likeness.”



Portraiture From Passion to Projects

I have been drawing and painting portraits for many years. All my years of exploration and experience with portraiture paid off for me in this project. 

Sometimes as creatives, we explore our creativity out of joy of expression, curiosity and the search for improvement in our skills.

What we don’t know sometimes is that our passion for creative expression can one day turn into something that supports our life in more ways than just creative. Keep creating and growing, you never know where your creative journey will take you. 

The artistic direction on this project is great. I love the direction the set for the textured/coloured backdrops.

You can see here the steps taken to create one portrait. I did digital sketches, printed them out, traced them in ink, scanned them and coloured them digitally.

The style was very freeing to work in. I spend a lot of my time in portraiture working hard to be highly representational with my colouring and forms. This style relies on loose, expressive colouring and I love it.