Bible Project Holy Week Illustrations 

In March of 2024, Bible Project approached me about creating illustrations to reside in the headings of their Holy Week 2024 email series. The pieces fall in line with the traditional Christian imagery related to Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

The art direction provided by Alena Imamura was welcome and fun to work toward. I created these in Adobe Fresco on my iPad. I love working with on my iPad for illustrations. It’s such a convenient and portable device. This project demonstrates my ability to tell a story through imagery and to flex stylistically to meet the requirements of a project. 


One of my favourite aspects of the direction of this project is the colour. The art director pointed me in a direction but allowed me room to explore the colour palette across each piece.  

Colour is such a powerful component of illustration. 

In these pieces for example, the bright blues and oranges in A King’s Entrance denote the excitement of the triumphal entrance while at the same time the deep blues are more sullen and reflect the state of mind of the “coming king”, aware of the suffering awaiting him. 

Each illustration is tied to a specific bible project video. In this case, the content of the video ties in themes from the book of Isaiah and the New Testament. 

This illustration is packed with scenes surrounding the days around Jesus’ betrayal, death and burial. The colour scheme is meant to be royal, intense an filled with pockets of warmth. 

Depicting the risen Jesus celebrating the miracle with His disciples was a challenge. I tried to capture the energy and wonder of the moment in this piece while producing a well structure composition.