Leduc Community Baptist Church Logo, Vision, Mission and Values Display


This project presented the opportunity to explore the primary foundations of any organization, visual identity and vision/mission/corporate identity. A small community church, LCBC was looking for a means to display their core beliefs and vision to visitors and the congregation. 

The project was completed in consultation with the senior pastor.

The logo design was inspired by the roofline of the building and it’s large cross on the north face. Community is a primary driver of this congregation so the letter c became a focal point for the design. The circle with the three gaps represents the belief in the Trinity and the openness of the community to the world around them.

There are two main components to the vision/mission/values wall. These components work together to create a visually accessible way to get a picture of the community. 

When designing way finding or way showing, I will implement a digital mockup as you see above. Placing the final designs in the physical space through the use of photographs and adobe CC. This offers a full preview of install before implementation.